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    Intro To Yoga Workshop

    Intro To Yoga Workshop

    Intro to Yoga with Casey Joan

    Sundays: April 6, 13, 20, 27 From 12-2 pm

    Everybody tells you that yoga is great for your physical, mental and spiritual self, but nobody really tells you where to start!

    We are offering the perfect workshop for beginners, or that friend or family member that is to intimadated to start yoga.

    This workshop is designed to ease your fear of yoga and prepare you to approach this beautiful practice comfortably and safely.  In this judgment-free environment, all are free to ask questions, be playful and learn!


      Just bring yourself in comfortable clothes with an         open mind and something to write with! Beneficial not to eat 1-1.5 hours before the class.
    Monetary Trade ☺ : $75 for series of 4 non-refundable

    In this series of classes, we will explore a few topics:
    1. Basic concept of yoga: What is yoga?
    2. Basic breathing exercise: Why and how to use your breath in yoga, breathing techniques and benefits.
    3. Basic yoga poses: How to get into poses and how to modify them.
    4. Alignment in postures.
    5. Diet and Nutrition
    6. Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

    At the start of the workshop, you will receive a binder filled with information we will be going over in class. You can use this to help begin your home practice and to refresh your memory of class.


    Partner Yoga Playshop

    with Casey Joan

    This Sunday

    Sunday, March 30th

    from 12-2

    In this Partner Yoga Playshop, you and your partner with practice complimentary postures that allow you to deeply surrender while supporting the other!

    Signup with a friend, family member, partner or lover and come with an open-mind, open-heart and comfortable clothes!

    Come experience how powerful the healing and supportive energy of touch can be!

    Feel free to contact Casey Joan at titaliyogi@gmail.com if you want to be arranged a partner for the playshop or with any questions or concerns.


    Monetary Trade:
    $35 dollars non-refundable
    All must be pre-register to assure
    space in room.

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