About Us

Your Workplace Stress Management Partner

High-growth enterprises need to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace for talent. Traditional approaches to recruitment and retention have not kept up with today’s professionals, who have shifted their focus toward living for each day, rather than reserving enjoyment for after-hours, the weekends, and annual vacations.

To engage top talent, employers must provide gratifying work experiences – a difficult proposition for companies focused on disruption or being first-to-market. The unpredictable nature and pace of such companies leaves well-intentioned workplaces riddled with stress, which decreases productivity, causes turnover, and leads to damaging online reviews.

Body Techniques specializes in designing programs to lower workplace stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve employee gratification and engagement. We work with HR Directors and Managers to:

Make Stress Management Easy

San Francisco-based Body Techniques specializes in workplace stress management and has been calming the minds and bodies of tech professionals for over two decades. The company’s on-site massage therapy, yoga, and fitness programs offer superior quality and are easy to implement and manage. When leveraged as an employee benefit, they help HR Directors and Managers meet employee recruitment, retention, and engagement goals.

Create Resiliency in Your Workforce

We understand the range of repetitive stress injuries common among modern-day professionals. Our team targets those areas first, instantly relieving pressure and leaving workers feeling refreshed and relaxed. Body Techniques will transform your workforce into a resilient one that’s able to meet tight deadlines, troubleshoot problems, fire on all cylinders, and leave work with a smile.

Support National Scale

With our proprietary scheduling software and national network of therapists and instructors, Body Techniques can meet our clients’ needs anywhere in the U.S. But don’t just take our word for it. Body Techniques has the data to prove the effectiveness of our stress management programs, which often satisfies C-level decision makers’ need for a ROI.