Virtual Wellness

The Daily 15

Make the Most of a 15-Minute Break

The Daily 15 is a quick, daily session that boosts energy and reduces stress for your employees. Every day, employees login at the same time for a 15-minute wellness boost. 

The name of the game is variety, and we keep it fresh with a mix of yoga, self-care, fitness, and meditation. Each week the categories follow the same flow, but the daily activities vary to keep everyone engaged. 

Students register with a one-time link and then have access to all sessions that month. The Daily 15 classes are designed to host up to 400 participants in each session and our software offers analytics, as well as the ability to customize your classes. 

Support up to 400 people, 5-days a week with The Daily 15. This transformative program is offered at $1,275 per month. Commit to 3-months and receive $100 off your first three months.

Invest in your team today

BT Mindful

Ongoing Meditation to Find Balance

The stand alone workshop introduces a brief history, science behind meditation, and best practices with a 45-minute interactive presentation and 15-minutes of practice.
In addition to the workshop, your team will explore meditation two times per week by practicing a variety of techniques that are accessible to all. Sessions are live and available 48-hours after each meditation.

The two-month series dives deeper with two weeks dedicated to each of the main themes, allowing for more time to experience different meditation types and build on previous sessions.

The benefits of meditation are most fruitful when regularly practiced.  The three-month program helps establish mindfulness as an integral part of a daily routine, while also allowing participants to discover new techniques and practices.

BT Engage

Destress with Group Classes

Whether dancing in Zumba, sweating in cardio kickboxing, or taking on a challenge in Bootcamp, Body Technique’s fitness classes will get your team moving

Yoga unites mind and body through breath and movement.  Our seasoned instructors help release stress, create balance, and welcome all levels of experience

Activate and tone muscles for better posture and pain relief with a strengthening session.  Learn stretches that target pain and reduce chances of injuries.  

A certified massage therapist listens to your specific needs and shares different techniques to target tension and pain.  This virtual session can help address tightness from working at a desk or support strain caused by an active life.