Corporate Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yoga For In-Office, Hybrid, & Fully Remote Teams

Introducing corporate yoga and meditation to your workplace is a great way to help employees practice mindfulness and manage stress levels.

Your certified yoga instructors use the best meditation and breathing techniques to get people out of their heads and be in the present moment. This typically results in increased employee productivity & influences a great attitude. Learn more about our approach to yoga as a top-rated wellness company and contact us today.

How Can Yoga Improve Corporate Culture?

The benefits of yoga and meditation in the workplace last a lifetime. Your employees will feel more connected to one another, which boosts team chemistry. Virtual and in-person classes equip your workforce with the tools they need to process stress naturally – ultimately resulting in refreshed and relaxed employees.

Implementing Workplace Yoga

Our programs work best when companies have everything they need prior to class. There are two major factors to think about when considering corporate yoga and meditation:

Corporate Instructors In A Variety Of Yoga Practices

Not sure which class is best for your team? Each class offered is designed to meet employees where they are – be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogi.

Employees experience a balanced blend of vigorous flowing asanas and intense, blissful stretch with a little restorative before we let it all go into a luxurious, final savasana. Employees float out of class revitalized and ready for the rest of your day or week!
This technique encourages more body awareness and therapeutic release of tension through long-held yoga poses and movement. By focusing on the breath through the poses, chanting, and meditation, employees open their lungs, hearts, and minds—energizing and calming simultaneously.
This techniques helps employees build a strong foundation and core. Most postures will be focused on strengthening and stretching the major muscle groups (thighs, back, and abdominals) to help employees feel supported at all times by their own bodies.
This class is suited to beginners as well as employees who want to deepen their existing yoga practice by exploring the essence of yoga. Employees that participate will learn correct alignment in the most fundamental Asanas (postures) as well as dive into the energetic body exploring the sensations of the breath and chakras.
This therapeutic-style technique comes from the ViniYoga tradition. The classes are carefully sequenced to help employees learn how to transform the neuromuscular patterns in their body into a more relaxed state. The beauty of this approach is that any yogi can make the class as challenging or restorative as they like, since there are many ways to adapt each pose.
Set to music, this advanced class builds heat, strength, flexibility and stamina through a vigorous sequence of poses. In this class, employees flow mindfully and breathfully through standing and seated poses, twists and backbends.
This is a popular approach for employees that want a gentle and energizing meditative Yoga practice that incorporates fluid body movement with Guided meditation and Sound healing. This meditative and playful yogic practice uplifts the spirit, quiets the mind and restores the body.

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