The Ultimate Return to Office Incentive

Give Your Team The Ultimate Return-to-Office Incentive: Recurring Mobile Massages

Mobile massage can be a powerful incentive for remote employees to return to the office. Whether you’re still mapping out your Return to Work process or have the entire staff back onsite, keeping your employees comfortable and happy is more important now than ever before. Body Techniques is here to make this transition stress-free.

By offering mobile massage services at the office, you can show remote and hybrid employees that you value their well-being.

Every Office Benefits

Creates a Sense of Community: When employees work remotely, they miss out on the sense of community and social interaction that comes with being in an office. By offering on-site mobile massage, employers can create a welcoming and comfortable environment that encourages employees to gather, connect and socialize.

Boosts Productivity and Motivation: Remote work can be isolating and monotonous, leading to decreased motivation and productivity. Mobile massage can help relieve stress and tension, promoting relaxation, and rejuvenation, leading to increased productivity, energy, and motivation.

Offers a Perk They Can’t Get at Home: Offering mobile massage as an incentive can give remote employees a reason to return to the office. Massage therapy is a luxury that is not easily accessible outside of a spa or massage parlor. Providing this service at work offers employees a unique perk that they cannot enjoy from home.

Improves Overall Well-being: Mobile massage can be an effective way to promote employee wellness. Regular massage can reduce stress and tension, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, and boost the immune system, leading to overall improved physical and mental health.

Essential Onsite Workforce
Show Thanks 25%
Partial Return to Office
Welcome Back Chair Massage Event 50%
Flex Employees
Hybrid Massage and Virtual Programs 65%
Full Return to Office
Book Full Stress Management Programs with Onsite Chair Massage 100%

Dedicated Massage Professionals

Professional chair massage staff by your side to navigate shifting guidelines and offer best practices for massage.

Keep Safety A Top Priority

We take sanitation and safety seriously. With professional training, daily health screenings, and heightened cleanliness procedures you can be confident that your workplace wellness benefits are facilitated with the utmost integrity.

Build A Healthy Work Culture

Create a supportive work environment through meaningful stress management programs including corporate massage, meditation, & wellness.

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