Stress Management Programs

Workplace Wellness Benefits Create Healthy Work-Life Balance

Stress is all too familiar for employees in fast-paced industries with highly competitive marketplaces for talent. Body Techniques offers stress management programs for companies looking to enhance their employee wellness benefits. Our specialists are trained to help Human Resources Directors and Managers build a custom program based on their specific work environments.

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We Customize Stress Management Programs To Meet Your Needs


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Reducing Work Stress Increases Physical & Mental Health

Stress-related health risks are far too common in Corporate America. Provide your workforce with the tools they need to manage stress and lower the chance of health risks. Body Techniques takes pride in offering programs that:

Are Easy to Implement and Manage.

Proprietary scheduling software, a dedicated front office, and a nationwide network of qualified therapists and instructors allows us to meet your workplace stress management needs across the U.S. Programs launch within a few days, and made easy for employees to construct & sign up on their own.​

Help Employee Recruitment & Retention.

Today’s professionals have shifted their focus toward finding a healthy work-life balance. To engage top talent, employers must differentiate by providing gratifying work experiences. We specialize in designing programs to reduce stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve employee gratification and engagement.​

Create Resilient Workforces.

Our expert approach targets repetitive stress injuries first. By instantly relieving pressure, employees instantly feel rejuvenated. Body Techniques helps your team go from average to resilient when it comes to production, wellness, and happiness.

Lower Your Overall Health-Related Costs.

Stress management skills empower overall health and wellness. Studies show that employees who possess the tools to manage their stress at work pay considerably less health-related costs, compared with employees who are struggling.

Onsite & Mobile Stress Management Programs: How It Works

Body Techniques incorporates six pillars into your onsite stress management program that works to encourage enterprise mindfulness. This approach is effective, seamless, and ties everything together when it comes to your employee wellness benefits.


Prioritize low or no-cost services for employees. True on-site integration is essential because convenience matters.​


Do activities your employees already love doing. If no one is using the benefit, you get zero return.


A wellness program should be a natural extension of a company’s identity and aspirations. Don’t forget that a cultural shift takes time, so start small and build.​


Wellness programs must be comprehensive, engaging, and just plain excellent. Otherwise, employees won’t participate.​


Wellness is not just a mission - it’s a message. How you deliver it can make all the difference. Sensitivity, creativity, and media diversity are the cornerstones.​


Active, ongoing collaboration with internal and external partners, including vendors, can provide a program with some of its essential components and many of its desirable enhancements.​

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