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Meet The Faces Behind Your Stress Management Programs

Body Techniques believes in a hands-on approach to working with our staff and clients. We’re passionate about what we do and want to share our stress management programs with as many people as possible. 

Austin Lund

Founder and CFO

Austin founded Body Techniques nearly three decades ago while working as a massage therapist in Alameda, CA. He saw the need for wellness services for people at work and became a pioneer in the corporate wellness industry. Since then, he’s tailored his business to support teams nationwide and is an advocate for regular and personal wellness routines. He now spends his time at Body Techniques developing tech to support massage services nationwide and can be found running, swimming, traveling, or snacking on pistachios when he’s logged off.

Christine Blackmore


Christine brings an exceptional mix of operational expertise and wellness enthusiasm to Body Techniques. With a rich and diverse professional journey that includes leadership at Apple and district management at Peet’s, Christine transitioned to the wellness industry to align her people and operational skills with her passion. She is the creator of the MyHeartApp, a free app that supports heart patients and their doctors by tracking symptoms in real time. She holds an MA and is also a certified Reiki Master. Christine’s dedication to lifelong learning and operational excellence underscores her leadership as she strives to create an environment deeply committed to wellness for all.

Sushma Shah, MD


Doctor Shah is an ER physician who has worked for over 20 years in academic and trauma centers including UC San Francisco, Alameda County Medical Center and Eden Medical Center. She has previously held the position of CEO with an independent group of emergency physicians and now brings this leadership and expertise to the wellness industry. Dr. Shah believes that integrating western medicine with holistic wellness services provides the best opportunity to achieve quality health. She is an avid reader, world traveler, adventure seeker, and plays a mean game of Boggle.

Rowan Richardson

Recruiter and Owner

Rowan joined Body Techniques in 2006 after years offering stress management to clients through massage. He now draws upon his previous experience as an MT and supports the hiring and training of contractors and employees nationwide and is responsible for running events for our largest tech clients. Rowan has a special ability to staff last-minute requests and train newly recruited massage therapists. When he’s not helping deliver corporate massage, Rowan is with his family, prepping one of his cars to be race ready or working to restore his land in Northern California.

Kristin Lindvall

Site Director

Kristin blends her 15 years of professional experience in medical administration and health and wellness start-ups with her passion for wellness. A Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Project Management Certification holder, she’s also a proud mother and avid runner. Recognized for her sociability since her school days, she brings an engaging and friendly presence to every facet of her life, whether that’s streamlining operations, wellness coaching, or being a supportive colleague.

Ashley Davi

Operations Manager

Ashley helps run the operations for our largest client and ensures every detail is accounted for. She focuses on account development and growth through process creation, project planning, and data analysis. As a mother of two, she knows how to balance multiple things at once and impresses us daily with her ability to identify challenges and provide solutions. Ashley has a passion for soccer after playing Division 1 college soccer and also has her Masters in Business Administration. Currently, most of her rec time is spent playing with her two growing children.

Marissa Pardini

Site Manager

Most people know her as Mars, an individual as vibrant and unique as the celestial body she’s nicknamed after. With extensive work history and education in public health, she brings a unique and high level perspective to our team. Mars is an essential support pillar for our massage therapists, ensuring their needs are met and program utilization remains high. While she practices a significant amount of yoga, she humbly refrains from labeling herself a yogi. Whether she’s working with our therapists or perfecting her baking skills after-hours, Mars always brings her flair and dedicated professionalism.

Nicki Butler

Site Manager

Nicki brings perspective, humor, and great music to the BT group chat. They are always ready to jump into the next project and support others. Nicki handles supply ordering and inventory for our massage sites across the US and ensures our massage therapists are supported throughout the day. Outside of BT, Nicki can be found DJing in the Bay Area or leading a fitness classes around Oakland, CA. Always moving, Nicki is certified as both a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, and always available for a good laugh.

Emily Bonzi

Marketing Manager

Emily heads the marketing department at BT and is known for her organizational and planning skills. She is an enthusiast at heart and loves to connect the micro to the macro. Emily has a history of nonprofit and event experience and an MBA in Marketing. When not in front of her laptop, Emily is usually in the garden growing food, propagating plants, or in a yoga class. She is a huge fan of laughter and play, and is always learning and trying something new.

Carly Christensen

Sales and Systems Lead

Carly leverages her keen problem-solving abilities and empathetic nature to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. She brings a blend of creativity and analytical skills to the table, honed through her background and Masters in theatre. Carly is not only an expert at interpreting scripts but also at understanding our clients’ needs, orchestrating solutions that hit the mark every time. Alongside her role at Body Techniques, Carly channels her passion for wellness and balance into teaching aerial silks, guiding others to find strength and serenity. Whether she’s assisting our clients or defying gravity in the aerial studio, Carly’s focus is always on uplifting those around her.

Devin Colwell

Sales Manager

Devin enjoys getting to know our clients and building out wellness programs that sustain for years. He collaborates on tech developments at BT and ensures that each of his contacts is supported with a customized wellness package that fits their organizational needs. Devin has a background in fitness and personal training, and is now incorporating golf into his routine. He is also a huge fan of board games and the strategy behind them.  

Jae Shin

Staffing and Onboarding Lead

Transitioning from a seasoned educator to a dedicated recruiter, Jae brings a passion for process to the Body Techniques team. Jae holds a Master’s degree in Education, and her commitment to fostering learning and growth can be seen through each project Jae takes on. Whether recruiting new talent or advocating for more inclusive practices, Jae’s focus is always on creating an environment that is accessible to all and supports each individual. When it’s time for Jae to restore, you can find her practicing yoga, in her sauna, strength training, or hiking.

Alana Ruff

Staffing and Onboarding Specialist

Alana brings a blend of passion and precision to the BT team. Her career has been dedicated to the art of connecting talented people to opportunitites that foster professional growth and company expansion. Alana’s approach is both collaborative and strategic, aligning staffing needs with organizational objectives while nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and team success. Outside the office, Alana’s enthusiasm for professional development, personal wellness and baking ensure she’s a vibrant, supportive member of any community.

Zoey Elias Waller

Staffing and Onboarding Specialist

Zoey brings her recruiting experience and a people-first approach to the team. Before becoming a recruiter, Zoey managed a retail spa and staff before pivoting to a career in recruiting. She prioritizes each person’s experience, regardless of the hiring outcome and finds joy connecting with people and ensuring the right person joins the right team. When Zoey isn’t working, she spends her free time enjoying and creating art in many forms and practicing joyful movement.

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