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"Body Techniques specializes in designing programs to lower workplace stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve employee gratification and engagement."

We have been calming the minds and tuning the bodies of tech professionals for over two decades. Our on-site massage therapy, yoga, and fitness programs offer superior quality, and they are easy to implement and simple to manage. When leveraged as an employee benefit, our programs help HR Directors and Managers meet employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.


Our Clients Include


Easy for You.

Relaxing for Your Employees.

We work with HR Directors and Managers to design workplace stress management programs offered as employee benefits. With our proprietary scheduling software and national network of therapists and instructors, we can meet our clients’ needs anywhere in the U.S. Body Techniques specializes in designing programs to lower workplace stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve employee gratification and engagement. We work with HR Directors and Managers to:

Make Stress Management Easy

Create Resiliency in Your Workforce

Support Nationwide Scale


Reasons to Consider Body Techniques in Your Workplace.

Start-to-Finish Solutions

Our all-inclusive service delivery, proprietary software, and highly trained staff means your HR department can be as hands-off as you want to be.

Professional Scalability

Body Techniques can implement stress management programs anywhere in the U.S. and work with any number of employees.

Focus on Modern Professionals

Today’s professionals have shifted their focus toward living for each day, rather than reserving enjoyment for after-hours, the weekends, and annual vacations. Our programs are designed help them lower stress, emphasize mindfulness, and improve their gratification and engagement.


At Body Techniques we have specialized in workplace stress management since our onset in 1994.


We report on the utilization of our programs, and we collect feedback from employees to measure success.

Full Range of Programs

Unlike other companies in our space, we offer a range of stress management programs beyond massage.

Corporate Events Calculator

Corporate Events can range from wellness and health fairs, to employee appreciations, to great place to work activities. Our corporate events calculator can help you estimate pricing for incorporating Body Techniques into your corporate event, and you can even place an order directly through the tool!

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