Stress Relief in Healthcare

Comprehensive Mental Health Support Through Corporate Massage Services

It’s no secret that health care workers need stress relief and mental health support. Our seasoned team of wellness providers are here to share immediate relief to your team with corporate massage and start the shift towards a culture from burnout to balance.

Meeting Your Needs

Massage therapists can be stationed in room or walk the halls and deliver neck and shoulder massages to staff in the breakroom and their desks.

Keeping Safety A Top Priority

With a consulting physician guiding our safety protocols, we use science and the most up-to-date information to guide our services and delivery.

Scalability and Growth

Our nationwide team of massage therapists can provide relief to your staff, no matter the company’s size or location.

Support for Healthcare Workers

Make mindfulness a priority for your team and prevent employee burnout with a custom package:

From Burnout to Balance

Support the mental health of your nurses, doctors, and administrative staff. Whether our massage therapists are providing roaming massage to different offices or have a designated wellness space, your employees will experience the mental health benefits of massage. Our programs scale from private practices to the largest national health care companies. Read more about how we can support mental health in healthcare below.