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A Simple Way To Show Gratitude For Healthcare Workers

It goes without saying – healthcare workers are at their limit. Physically and mentally. Medical practitioners and healthcare employees across the country are at a breaking point. 

And who could blame them? They’re caught up in the perfect storm: being on the frontlines of a pandemic, focused on providing care to others, with little-to-no access to mental healthcare of their own (like stress management programs). 

It’s past time to express gratitude and move away from burnout culture with tailored care for the doctors, nurses, and allied professionals. After two years of navigating this pandemic, these teams are in need of support and lasting change. 

But what is the best way to support healthcare workers in a way that prioritizes their mental health? We’re here to support healthcare organizations that are going ready to go the extra mile to keep employees’ mental health a priority.

Why Mental Health At Work Matters Now More Than Ever

Two years into a pandemic, healthcare workers are facing staffing shortages, continually shifting guidelines, as well as juggling their own personal responsibilities at home, all while trying to provide the highest level of patient care. 

This is why promoting mental health at work is imperative for healthcare facilities. Nurses and others in healthcare are constantly understaffed, and many are reconsidering their career paths. It’s time for those who have a say in hospital benefits to implement new programs, packages, mental health days; whatever it takes to show your healthcare workers you value their contributions and wellbeing. 

How To Show Gratitude for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers deserve a benefit package positioned around mental health. What that looks like is up to you, but know we can help to design and tailored programs to suit your environment and needs. Managing stress levels is a key element in any successful healthcare career. Body Techniques creates customized corporate massage programs that provide the mental break your frontline workers should have access to. 

We make implementation seamless thanks to our trained and certified massage therapists. The massage therapists come to your facility to set up and carry out one-on-one massage sessions to keep stress levels low. As you create your benefits package, you can choose from several on-site massage programs for employees including: 

  • Chair massage therapy: This convenient method of massage uses chairs specifically made to provide a soothing massage experience. We suggest this option for employees who spend a lot of time at desks or nurses and staff who are required to be on their feet for long periods of time. 

  • Roaming massage: Busy healthcare facilities like hospitals need solutions that work with daily operations instead of slowing them down. Roaming massage is specifically designed to solve this problem by bringing the massage directly to your staff. Our massage therapists meet your nurses on their designated floors and provide massages as they’re sitting in chairs in front of computers before or after charting.

  • Table massage therapy: If you’re planning an internal mental health day or employee celebration ideas, a table massage is a great way to show gratitude for your staff. Our massage therapists use a series of techniques to make employees instantly feel relaxed. After their massage experience, they feel lighter, happier, and ready to take on whatever comes next. 

  • Reflexology: We have taken this ancient practice and transformed it into a proven method of stress release for healthcare professionals. Our therapists gently apply pressure to the reflex points to help energy flow to help your employees find a state of balance and calm to help them make level-headed decisions in high-stress situations. 

Choosing to celebrate mental health by subsidizing a corporate massage program keeps your employees healthy and present on the job. Body Techniques works with the unique layout of your facility to have a designated massage “space” be it a breakroom, empty meeting room or meeting nurses on their assigned floors at their stations.

Remember, the biggest benefit (and goal) of implementing corporate massage is to promote mental health amongst your healthcare faculty and staff. Without resources like this, your employees will continue to feel burned out.

Tip: Our clients have the most success when an internal “mental health day” is celebrated. Healthcare workers can get a 15-minute chair massage in before making their rounds or returning to their stations. Make it an employee appreciation event with catered food and mental health resources specifically for those in healthcare. 

Say Thanks Through Actions, Not Words

Show your staff and faculty you appreciate the hours they’re putting in by improving your benefits. Pizza parties are a great start, but today’s workforce is demanding a healthy work-life balance that goes beyond. Encouraging mental health through employee perks like corporate massage or other stress management programs sends a message that you truly care about your employees and want them to feel good mentally and physically. 

Celebrate Mental Health With A Corporate Massage

With a consulting physician guiding our safety policies and protocols, we are confident we can work with you to start shifting healthcare work from burnout to balance. 

Do your part: equip your healthcare employees with the right tools they need to keep mental health top of mind. Talk to us today about how to build a benefits program designed to combat the unique challenges that come with healthcare stress management.

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