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Top 3 Corporate Massage Benefits

Corporate massage therapy gives employees so much more than a relaxing 15-minute pause during their lunch break (even though that is nice). Bringing professional massage therapy into the workplace has many benefits, from physical perks to increased productivity. In fact, corporate massage participants report significant stress relief, better sleep, reduced muscle tension, and decreased migraines. Offering employees massages in the office shows your commitment to their wellbeing and ultimately improves the organization as a whole.

Here are some specific corporate massage benefits:

1. Stress Management

Stress isn’t entirely avoidable, but there are simple ways to keep it in check. Left unmanaged, stress can easily become employees’ dominant emotion, overpowering any positivity inside and outside of the workplace. Stress has a hugely negative effect on the workplace, too. In a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 29% of people said they felt quite a bit or extremely stressed at work. And with numbers rising, employers have a responsibility to help their teams manage that stress.

That’s where corporate massage comes in.

Many forward-thinking companies have set up programs for workers to receive quick massages during the workday. Chair massages help reduce stress by physically removing built-up tension. In just a few minutes, a chair massage promotes better circulation and muscle stimulation, undoing the results of sitting at a desk or standing for hours at a time. These effects can counteract fatigue, promote positivity, and leave employees feeling refreshed and inspired. Regular massages help manage stress in the long-term, and employees are the first to tell you how welcome that help is.

2. Increased Productivity

Happy employees, happy business! Introducing a corporate massage program makes can increase positivity and have a huge impact on work performance. When you set up a wellness program, you’re building a structured outlet for stress and tension that gives employees a chance to take their productivity into their own hands.

Productivity can be limited by quite a few stress-related factors:

  • Feeling overwhelmed or anxious
  • Inability to stay focused
  • Stressful environment

Massage therapy, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and fitness classes can help with all of the above. Massage therapy in particular has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation even after the session ends. When employees feel less overwhelmed and more focused, you’ll see a boost in productivity from the bottom up. That type of physical activity can also unite team members, boost their mood, and help them focus on the positive aspects of their job and the people around them. After all, a happy business means a happy culture, too.

3. Easier Hiring & Retention

Corporate massage also has perks at the organizational level. When speaking to a potential new hire, imagine the spark in their eye when a recruiter brings up a corporate massage or fitness program! It’s a major amenity that modern companies are adding to their workplaces every day, changing the corporate culture game. 

Offering a wellness program helps position a company as one that invests in employee wellbeing and morale. Our clients have noted greater employee retention too, as it helps reduce stress and boost efficiency and overall job satisfaction.

Get Started

Introducing corporate massage programs can be more than just a lofty dream. It can start with simple actions. Listen to your team members about what would make their lives easier. Look for the effects of stress on your team and their work. And consider the value you can bring to your corporate culture by taking one step forward in bringing them a way to manage stress.

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