Update on Covid-19

To Our Body Techniques Community:

It goes without saying, times have changed. However, this too will pass. During the disruption we need to fully commit to care for one another. We have built an amazing community of customers and practitioners with every desire to keep this troupe together.

The current worldwide health crisis has affected every aspect of “normal” life. Our mission to bring wellness to the workplace was abruptly disrupted when the world took a deep breath and our work lives dramatically changed. We remain committed to this mission even if the idea of a workplace has shifted home.

“Delete Stress. Restore Wellness.” has been our mantra for many years. In our current world of shelter-in-place, this call to purpose drives us to find alternative ways to deliver for you until our triumphant return.

So what is available now?

Body Techniques uncovered a host of unique services that our incredible providers can offer virtually. These online classes can support your company’s wellness initiatives while your workforce is at home.

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A TRIUMPHANT RETURN – Why Planning Now is Important:

Building a sense of community and connection as employees transition back to work will be vitally important for your team. Many people will be stressed and anxious from having worked in isolation as well as dealing with the ever changing environment surrounding personal safety. Now is the time to plan ahead. Use this time “sheltering in place” to create the best possible wellness program for your employees as you prepare for their return to work; it can take time, let us help.

Thank you so much for being part of the Body Techniques experience. In good times, and in challenging times, we are with you. Wishing you and your loved ones good health in the months to come. 

In health, 
Austin Lund & The Entire Team @ Body Techniques

Stress Management is more important now than ever.

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