5 ways to help employees stress less

5 Ways To Help Employees Stress Less During The Holidays

While some see the holidays as an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the magic in the air, this time of year can create high-stress levels at the office when it comes to annual reporting, evaluations, and client deadlines. Managers can try to lighten the mood with a holiday party, but this sometimes has the opposite effect due to unanticipated financial and time commitments. In the end, an effort to help employees stress less during the holidays turns into extra anxiety no one is prepared to take on.

In our experience, the best way to help your employees enjoy the holiday season is with dedicated workplace wellness programs that are designed to give people the tools necessary to manage healthy stress levels. Read on for five of our favorite ways to fight end-of-year burnout and truly celebrate your employees for another year of hard work – but first, let’s cover why corporate wellness plays such an important factor in overall company longevity.

Why Workplace Wellness Is Important

When people are happy about their jobs they are more productive. So, how do you keep employees happy in a world where “The Great Resignation” is making national headlines?

Introduce benefits to your office that help retains employees.

If you’re not sure what those benefits look like, all you have to do is ask your employees what they’re looking for. Workplace wellness comes in many forms – including stress management programs. Not only do these benefits keep employees happy, but it keeps them healthy! A stronger mind-body connection unfolds and your staff becomes more efficient, focused, and willing to go above and beyond for their teammates.

While the benefits of workplace wellness programs are obvious, knowing the right way to implement them requires a unique approach to maintain “business as usual” during the crazy end-of-year operations. Each program brings a different perk to the office. The idea is to find the right one for your employees.

corporate chair massage therapy services

Reduce Tension With Chair Massage Therapy

Chair massage therapy is the perfect way to show gratitude for employees who sit all day. Also known as corporate massage, this stress-relieving program reduces tension in the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, and hands. Your employees will instantly feel rejuvenated and ready to hone in on the next project. Body Techniques offers multiple onsite massage programs in addition to chair massage:

  • Table massage therapy: Using a series of techniques, our practitioners apply rhythmic finger pressure, gentle rocking, stretching sequences and deep structural work to achieve a relaxed and balancing effect in the body.
  • Reflexology: Our therapists apply gentle pressure to the reflex points, facilitating a free flow of energy that creates a state of balance and deep relaxation in your employees.

We believe in keeping things as easy as possible for our clients – which means we bring the massage directly to your workspace. Never worry about employees going offsite to take advantage of this 5-star perk. Think of it as a well-deserved mental break before getting back to the daily grind!

corporate fitness classes for employee wellness

Build Team Chemistry Through Movement

Some of your employees may still be working from home, which can make the task of offering universal benefits even more challenging. Incorporating fitness classes into your benefits package can not only increase employee productivity but boost chemistry between departments entirely, no matter if they’re in the office or WFH!

The thing is when your employees trust each other the possibilities are endless. Communication is instantly strengthened and people become prideful in the work they deliver. Body Techniques offers virtual and in-person fitness classes for just about every workout you can think of.

  • Bootcamp (basic and advanced levels)
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • M.A.S.H. Bootcamp
  • U-JAM Fitness

Consistent movement and exercise keep stress levels at bay all year long. When your employees look good, they feel good and come to work with a healthy mindset to conquer those daunting year-end projects.

corporate yoga and meditation workshops for employee wellness

Breathwork Sustains Sanity

In addition to workplace stress, your employees are also dealing with the anxiety that comes with seeing toxic family members, buying gifts, traveling, and all of the other holiday unpleasantries. Offering a yoga or meditation workshop equips employees with mental tools to logically process these kinds of things without becoming overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. While best results come from consistent practicing, even a one-time session can provide useful insight on how to keep the heart rate low with breathing exercises.

acupuncture for employees

Use Acupuncture To Calm Nerves

For corporate settings that love alternative approaches to stress management, acupuncture is the ideal way to prevent burnout at work.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

During an acupuncture session, the central nervous system is stimulated. Our body releases endorphins, circulation improves, and our immune systems can get a boost along the way. Who couldn’t use a combination of all of these in the midst of potentially stressful holiday planning?

virtual wellness programs for corporate settings

Virtual Wellness Programs Lower The Risk Of Exposure

Body Techniques practices a strict protocol around the safety and cleanliness of our workspaces. If you’re looking for a zero-risk wellness program in terms of germ exposure, virtual wellness is a great solution to keep employees engaged and safe. From a mindful 15-minute break to stretching and self-massage follow-along programs, our specialists design virtual wellness calendars customized to your organization’s specific goals! We’ve found that even though employees are not together in-person, they still bond over virtual platforms and feel safe while doing it.

Employers: Do Your Part To Reduce Stress During The Holidays

As the holiday season quickly approaches, keep in mind that employee retention is grounded in sound benefits that promote healthy work-life balance and stress levels. Don’t be afraid to ask your team directly what would make their lives easier as the year winds down. There are numerous ways to reduce the burden that comes with end-of-year business operations and holiday expectations as a whole. Exploring different workplace wellness benefits can show your staff you care about their wellbeing and give them the right outlets to channel any unwanted stress.

Customize Your Workplace Wellness Benefits Today

Thousands of businesses are already reaping the benefits of our stress management programs. During your consultation, one of our team members will help identify the best approach for your office setting, employee count, and underlying needs. Contact us today to learn more about the process and help your employees stress less this holiday season!

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