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Honoring Essential Workers

While many of us have transitioned to working from home, there is still a large portion of the population getting up every morning and heading into work. These are the brave professionals who are classified as essential workers. They are health-care professionals, social workers, grocery store employees, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, journalists, postal workers, first responders, and many others who are working tirelessly to serve and sustain others. As states and counties begin to reopen, it’s time to start considering how you can show your appreciation for these essential workers by providing them a necessary service.

3 Ways To Honor Essential Workers with Body Techniques

Give the Gift of Massage

All of us could definitely use a massage right now. We have spent months hunched over on a couch or have turned our dining room table into our work from home desk. Since these setups are not ergonomically correct, they exacerbate our existing aches and pains. Although we could all use some Tender Loving Care, the workers who have been out on the front liness, should be first in line. Our team has spent months training all of our providers on extra safety and sanitation guidelines so that you can give the gift of massage to your staff with confidence. The essential workforce has sacrificed daily to keep our society functioning and it is time to give back to them with the best service possible – massage.

Calm the Mind with Focused Meditation

Being an essential worker comes with added stress that many of us have the privilege of escaping. Having to be out in the world and adhere to ever-changing guidelines and precautions means there are many more things you need to be aware of to protect yourself, and others. This acute attention to extra details can exhaust the brain and leave the essential workers feeling mentally fatigued and overwhelmed. 

A great way to alleviate stress is to do a quick 15-minute meditation session. Meditation is proven to calm the mind, decrease stress, and increase focus. It is exactly what essential workers need to continue to sacrifice and work tirelessly to keep our society and essential services functioning.

Sweat Off The Stress

While essential workers are on the front lines putting themselves at higher risk, it is important to ensure that their health and immune system are operating at the highest level. It is no secret that exercise is one of the keys to a healthy immune system and an individual’s overall wellbeing. Help your essential workforce sweat out the stress and boost their immune system so they can continue to push forward and support all of us!

Are you or your organization not ready for onsite visits to your essential workers? That is okay! We can still support them and you through our virtual services. Our virtual services include self-massage instruction, guided stretch, mediations, yoga, bootcamps, zumba, pilates, and much more.

Essential workers are the first to help, but often the last to be thanked. As an organization, taking the time to share gratitude with employees on the front line is vital to building strength and resiliency. We believe gratitude is more than words and wellness is for everyone. If you have essential workers that you would like to honor, please reach out to our staff directly and we will work with you to build a program to thank those who have helped us all during these shifting times.

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