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How to Celebrate Nurses Throughout Nurse Appreciation Week

It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. The abundance of compassion and care these healthcare professionals show on a daily basis makes our world a better place.

So, how can we continue to give them the recognition they deserve? With National Nurse Week (aka Nurse Appreciation Week) coming up in early May, there’s no better time than now to start planning out different ways to make the nurses at your medical practice feel extra special.

Nurse Appreciation Week: What It Is & Why It Matters

Did you know Nurse Appreciation takes place May 6-12th every year? It ends on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, who was a female pioneer in the healthcare industry – making hospitals a cleaner and more comfortable place to be. All while training nurses under her during the Crimean War. To this day, nurses around the world are continuously inspired by her dedication to healing others. Since 1896, The American Nursing Association (ANA) has uplifted the nursing profession on a national and statewide level. They encourage National Nurses week recognition programs through the state and district nurses associations, specialty nursing organizations, educational facilities, and independent health care companies and institutions.

More often than not, we tend to take nurses for granted. Healthcare facilities like hospitals would fail to exist without these linchpin employees. That’s why it’s so important for company leaders, Human Resource personnel, and decision makers in the medical field to plan ahead and find unique, genuine ways to express gratitude towards their nursing staff.

how to celebrate nurses week

How To Show Gratitude For Your Nurses

Nurses do a lot – there’s no question about that. They sacrifice their own needs and wants for the wellbeing of others. This year, consider how you can show gratitude for the nurses in your life.

Help Nurses Prioritize Mental Health & Stress Management

You’d think employee wellness would be top-of-mind for any healthcare facility or medical practice. The truth is, this industry has been hit harder than any other over the last few years. And while there are a ton of employee wellness best practices out there – sometimes you have to go above and beyond when showing recognition.

Nurse Appreciation Week is one of those times.

Body Techniques has an entire corporate massage program dedicated to health care workers. This includes Roaming Massage, which is a mobile solution that meets nurses on their assigned floors or work stations. Our certified massage therapist provides a relaxing chair massage. This keeps operations moving and production levels high across the board.

How It Works

We make coordinating a specialty massage program for your nurses seamless.

  • Schedule a consultation.
  • Discovery meeting with a stress management pro.
  • Receive a custom quote for your Nurse Appreciation Week massage program.
  • We handle the details!

Treat The Team To A Catered Meal

Nurses are constantly on their feet – sometimes for 12 hours at a time! Ordering a catered lunch will give your staff the fuel they need to keep up with charting, checking on patients, and be on their toes in the chance there’s an emergency. Catered meals could be…

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Boxed lunches
  • Snack bar

Not only does this give nurses something to look forward to, it also shows them you care and want them to nourish their bodies with healthy foods.

Address Them Personally

Sometimes it’s the little things that leave lasting impacts on us. Taking the time to write each nurse a personalized letter thanking them for their perseverance is a great way to show appreciation. By calling out specific things each employee brings to the table, they feel seen and ultimately know you value them as an asset to your practice.

How Will You Celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week?

Building trust amongst your employees and team leaders is critical in any industry. Healthcare professionals need validation just like anyone else. Show your nurses you care by planning a special event (or a surprise) for Nurse Appreciation week be it a specialty massage, catered event, or a simple handwritten note thanking them for all they do for you, your patients, and your practice!

Body Techniques is well-versed in crafting custom employee wellness programs for medical professionals that improve morale and productivity – send us a message to start planning your appreciation event!

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