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Make Your Employee Appreciation Event Centered On Wellness

Nothing has changed more in the modern workforce than telework. Now, every company leads with their in-office, hybrid, or remote options and off-campus options continue to grow. With so many office work options comes the trouble of keeping a positive work culture, including employee recognition. Even before the rise of remote and hybrid jobs, making employees feel appreciated was a struggle. In a recent study, over 1 in 4 employees in the workforce haven’t received recognition for good work in over a year.

As the job market widens, an appreciative workplace culture is essential to keep your employees enjoying their work and their life outside of the day-to-day grind. Work-life balance is key! If your employees are spending most of their week working, wouldn’t you want to make your company a supportive work environment? Every person starting their shift brings the stresses and complications of their life. Recognition for good work is the easiest way to bring an optimistic perspective back to your company, and with Employee Recognition Day on March 3rd, these upcoming weeks are a great time to start! With corporate wellness programs like our Employee Appreciation Events, your company can relax and improve their wellbeing together, no matter the office setup.

Virtual & In-Person Wellness Programs

Understanding the nuances of your workplace layout will help determine the right wellness program for your employees. In-office or hybrid work models should utilize their office space to host in-person events, while remote companies can successfully show gratitude for employees through virtual wellness programs.

Corporate Massage

Whether they know it or not, many of your employees are carrying their everyday stress in their bodies; think muscle tension and tightness. Long days at a desk can bring stiffness to the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, and hands.

Corporate massages allow your team to feel cared for through physical stress relief without ever leaving your office! Our group of skilled therapists offers convenient in-office mobile massage treatments. Not only will you be improving corporate health, you’ll be lowering everyday workplace stress and showing you see every employee’s hard work.

Virtual Wellness

Use your Employee Appreciation Event for remote team health with a virtual wellness class! In virtual wellness, your remote or hybrid employees can join a virtual class session in a variety of training programs, such as:


      • Fitness

      • Yoga

      • Stretching

      • Meditation

    Most virtual wellness events are designed with beginner experience levels in mind. This makes every program tailored to each employee’s needs. As mental health and wellbeing buzz continues to grow louder in the corporate world, employers must step up to the plate and find ways to not only show they care about their team, but also put their health first.
    In remote and hybrid work environments, physical and mental health can suffer and lead to hindering performance metrics. Our Employee Appreciation Event package includes a virtual wellness program option to include your off-campus team in whatever events you plan.

    Book Your Employee Appreciation Event

    Body Techniques specializes in workplace stress management. Our team is here to help you build a custom Employee Appreciation Event that fits the needs of your team – no matter where they clock in for the day! What better way to kick off the new year than with a workplace culture designed to promote health and wellbeing?!

    Recognize what your employees bring to the table with an Employee Appreciation Event. Start building your program today

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