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Onsite Massage Program Benefits

Do you care about improving employees’ morale? Are you interested in decreasing absenteeism? How do you help your team get through high-stress projects on time? An onsite massage program is a highly effective way to reward and retain talent, and it’s proving to be an investment that translates into a net benefit for companies.

Onsite Massage Benefits Employees and Employers

An onsite massage program is not only easy to implement (no need to change clothes), it provides numerous proven employee benefits–including stress relief, better sleep, reduced muscle tension, and decreased migraines. These programs also benefits employers, as they are particularly effective in addressing “burn out” and depression, which have become top factors in lower productivity rates and employee absenteeism.

Offering onsite massage to employees is more than just a perk or a nice-to-have. Implementing a corporate massage program is a powerful way for leadership to show they understand that their people are truly their best asset. At Body Techniques, we’ve seen onsite massage become an essential aspect of many of our national clients’ corporate stress management programs that help employees perform at the top of their game.

It’s important to implement a number of engagement strategies to assure a robust corporate massage program with a high level of employee engagement. And if you don’t yet have a massage program, check out our tips to help you find a corporate massage package that best suits the needs of your organization.

7 Ways to Boost the Benefits of Your Onsite Massage Program

  1. Subsidize at least 50% of the program cost. When companies position massage as an employee benefit, the lowered cost to employees impacts participation greatly. If the cost of a 15-minute massage is $10 or less to an employee, your program will be a success. When there is a subsidy in place, we see a jump in utilization from 50-60% up to 85-95%.
  2. Offer regular chair massage breaks to boost morale and productivity. Employees rate chair massage as one of the top indicators of a supportive environment. Stress relief is evident immediately and promotes a renewed focus on the projects at hand.
  3. Promote your massage program during intense workload periods. According to the Mayo Clinic, onsite massage is proven to be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension; what a great way to help employees decompress when they’re under important deadline pressure!
  4. Gift chair massage as a thank you. A certificate for free onsite massage sessions is a unique and cost-effective way to thank those who contribute to your organization’s success.
  5. Attract attention with chair massage as a promotional tool. In a highly competitive market, use chair massage as a premium or incentive. It can be a motivational tool to encourage customers to engage with your organization at trade shows or special events.
  6. Feature chair massage at your meetings and conventions. Management meetings, training programs, and other corporate events can be exhausting. Providing a quiet area for chair massage can support a productive environment for participants.
  7. Provide chair massage as the centerpiece of a special event. In conjunction with an ongoing massage program or as a “one-time” program, offering chair massage at fundraising events, holiday parties, customer-appreciation days, a company health fair or wellness week is a creative way to make participants feel special.

What’s included in an onsite massage program?

Your massage program partner will ensure that everything runs smoothly. At Body Techniques, for example, we provide unlimited phone and email support from a designated team member throughout your program – and prior to, during and following your event. We staff nationally with our trained and vetted practitioners, employ measurable data systems that validate program effectiveness and support scalability, and we include post-massage surveys to gather feedback and gauge the success of our client programs and events.

Generally, an onsite chair massage program includes:

  • Administrative support & management
  • Online scheduling
  • Ergonomic massage chairs
  • Equipment set-up & break down
  • Hands-on massage from a qualified, insured massage practitioner
  • Music & sanitizing supplies (single-use face cradle covers, chair wipes and/or spray)

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