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Virtual Team Building Exercises For Hybrid Work Environments

We live in a day and age where there is a new “business as usual” unfolding. Some companies are shifting to 100% remote work, while others are adopting a hybrid model to give employees the flexibility to choose where they work on a day-to-day basis. This can create a problem for business leaders as they continue to find their footing in this changing environment. A simple, yet effective way to unite all employees – no matter where they are – is virtual team building exercises for.

Read on to learn more about what you can do as an employer to keep all departments synchronized using tools such as Zoom, Google Meets, and virtual wellness platforms.

Hybrid Working Models Are Here To Stay

Hybrid work models are becoming increasingly popular in every industry, but what makes a work model “hybrid”? In short, it gives employees the option to either work from home completely, or for a few days a week and come into the office for more team-focused collaboration. Commercial environments from healthcare to tech and even small businesses are benefiting from hybrid work models as the dust settles from two plus years of button up shirts with pajama pants and making sure we’re not on mute before contributing to an online meeting. This not only offers employees some well-deserved work-life balance, but it also helps businesses cut on utility costs and other expenses that can add up from a managerial standpoint.

So, what’s the catch?

This may seem like a win-win, but working from home has its own set of consequences that often leave employees feeling disconnected from fellow colleagues and employers as a whole. Virtual team building exercises lay the foundation to help people connect and engage with one another. You can hire the best talent out there, but without internal trust between departments and team leaders, the outlook can be grim for most businesses.

Build Team Chemistry No Matter Where Your Employees Are

Designating a time and space for your team to come together is the first step towards virtual team building. Depending on the inner workings of your business structure, there may be certain activities that are more suitable for your employees over others.

Virtual Yoga & Meditation

Our clients have found the most effective methods for team building can be found through company-sponsored programs like virtual wellness. Online yoga and meditation classes equip employees with mental tools to keep stress levels low while connecting with their coworkers through a shared practice.

Company-Sponsored Online Fitness Classes

It’s no secret that working out boosts endorphins. By introducing virtual fitness classes, your employees can work on mind-body connection and bond with one another at the same time. Our virtual wellness program is designed to keep your team tuned in and active as they build team chemistry and motivate one another to persevere.

Keep Daily Communications Human

If your office uses instant messaging tools like Slack, try introducing Slack bots to keep remote and in-office staff connected. Slack bots can be programmed to humanize employee interactions and group channels. Use GIFs to celebrate employee birthdays, create automated messages for weekly data recaps, set up reward systems, and break the ice as you introduce new hires to the team.

Improve Trust, Productivity, & Morale With Unique Exercises For Team Building

Just because we don’t work like we used to doesn’t mean we can’t come together to empower one another. Don’t let changing work dynamics and hybrid models handicap your operations. Virtual team building exercises make these important get-togethers accessible for everyone and establish trust between departments, leaders, and new hires.

Body Techniques specializes in virtual team building exercises and can guide you in the right direction when it comes to designing a program unique to your business. Learn more about our approach to employee wellness and how we can help unify your team.

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