Fun Incentives To Get Employees Excited To Return To The Office

Fun Incentives To Get Employees Excited To Return To The Office

There’s never been a more confusing time for business leaders regarding the “right” way to encourage office-based employees to return to work. Some are experimenting with hybrid work models while others are looking for 100% participation in returning to the office.

The catch? What’s best for one business may not apply to another. This is why companies must expand their horizons and introduce fun incentives and meaningful benefits to get employees back into the office.

But first, let’s dive into the pros and cons of hybrid versus traditional (5-days/week) work models.

Hybrid vs. Full Return Work Models

When COVID-19 had us locked in our homes, we had no choice but to find new norms in every aspect of life: family, friends, school, and work. But now we’ve established new normals, and many business leaders are considering resuming a traditional workweek – or something relatively close. The last few years have been particularly hard to create and maintain workplace culture. Zoom meetings can only go so far, especially when you’re onboarding new employees or introducing fresh policies. As a result, many employers want to entice teams back to the office and provide a space for connection and collaboration.

Most employees on the other hand have come to know and love working from home, so much in fact that they’re seeking hybrid schedules to continue this take on work-life balance. And who can blame them? This ongoing struggle of not wanting to return to the office, but needing to have a designated space for collaboration has employees and employers seeking common ground to find a win-win solution.

4 Ways To Get Your Team Excited About Returning To The Office

It’s ultimately up to business leaders if they want to implement either a hybrid or 100% in-office model. We encourage all leaders to listen to their team and consider the true cost of completely eliminating a hybrid model. If your business allows for it, work towards finding that sweet spot that supports work-life balance through days at home and in the office. With that said, encouraging employees to return to the office has more opportunities than one may think. Morale can be boosted across the board when there’s something to gain for coming to work. If you find yourself at a crossroads, consider these unique ways to get everyone excited about coming into the office.

Host A Welcome Back Party

Even workplaces adopting hybrid schedules can benefit from a welcome back party. Hosting this event in your office’s conference or break room is a great way to bring employees together. Send out a poll prior to the event and get a group vote on catering or any games you have planned to break the ice.

Provide Peace Of Mind With Safety & Cleaning Procedures

Sanitation and cleanliness is top of mind for most of us nowadays. Make sure employees know they’re in-office working environments are being cleaned with commercial-grade products to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Revisit Company Goals & Objectives

WFH life showed us the majority of meetings can be summarized just fine via email. However, holding a meeting to revisit company goals and objectives should be done in-person. You can use the current climate to draw parallels on how you plan to move your company in the right direction. Most importantly – how your employees and their presence in the office contribute to the bigger picture.

Expand Your Employee Benefits To Include Wellness Packages

Many of our clients see major employee participation when they upgrade their benefits package in the form of a return to the office incentive. Incorporating wellness packages that aid stress management are one of the top benefits employees are looking for. Corporate massage is huge when it comes to keeping stress levels at an all time low. It not only gives your team a well deserved break, but communicates that you – their employer – see them as people who deserve benefits that prioritize their mental (and physical) health.

Implementing corporate massage is a breeze for any kind of office or corporate setting. Our process is designed to work with hybrid, virtual, and complete in-office environments. Never worry about safety, cleanliness, or professionalism. We use the best massage therapists in the country to ensure your experience is one-of-a-kind.

Help Your Employees Grow With Your Company, Not Against

Today’s business leaders are finding themselves in uncharted waters. When deciding how to return to the office, keep in mind that there are pros and cons to both hybrid and 100% in-office work models. Should you decide to transition employees back to work, consider welcoming them with a company-sponsored party and use that time to bring them up to speed on new goals/objectives, as well as incentivize new work models with benefit upgrades that promote overall wellness.

Body Techniques is well-versed in preparing businesses just like yours to come back to the office. Get a customized return to work plan when you schedule a call today.

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