Corporate Massage: Employee Wellness For Law Firms

Corporate Massage: Employee Wellness For Law Firms

If any niche has been exposed to overwhelming stress levels, it’s almost certainly law firms.

And while we could talk all day about why being a lawyer is stressful, the point to get across is that there are numerous ways to help practicing lawyers and administrative staff manage stress levels in a safe and healthy manner. Finding a tailored solution unique to your firm can not only empower your attorneys, but the staff that supports them as well. Employee wellness – more specifically corporate massage – is one stress management technique that leaves a positive impact on mental health around the office.

But as you know, law firms operate a little differently than a typical corporate setting. Read on to learn how corporate massage can benefit your lawyers, paralegals, and other admin staff no matter what legal area you practice within.

Why Law Firms Should Consider Corporate Massage

A highly demanding field such as law requires relentless work ethic. Those who work in the legal field are not only often perfectionists by nature, but thrive under pressure. Working in high stress conditions like this can take a toll on mental health in no time. Exploring corporate massage opens a door of convenient, effective opportunities for all employees within your firm. We’ve found that on-site massage programs are ideal for these types of environments and promote positive workplace culture across every department.

Who Benefits From On-Site Wellness Programs?

There’s so much more to operating a law firm than the lawyers who represent clients. While practicing attorneys may be the face of your firm, it’s important to show gratitude for the supporting staff that keeps everything in motion. Our trained massage therapists travel to your law firm and set up a space that’s isolated so other employees won’t be distracted.

Administrative & Supporting Staff

No matter if you have receptionists, records clerks, legal secretaries, paralegals, or accountants on payroll, these administrative roles play a big part in your firm’s long term success. They bring unique organizational and communication skills that maintain excellence in the smallest of details. However, this doesn’t come without increased stress loads. Investing in an on-site corporate massage package gives a much deserved break (and reward) employees can look forward to. The benefits can be felt almost immediately. Each massage helps release tension stored in the body that can build up over time and even boost the immune system!

When the people in these supportive roles are at ease, operations flow more smoothly because their stress levels are lighter – freeing up the mind to take on more and find their stride again.

Practicing Lawyers

Winning cases comes with a cost. Attorneys are all too familiar with the ongoing stress that comes with this profession. A routine corporate massage improves stress management, as well as posture and increases productivity levels. It helps keep a clear head when taking on a big case that requires undivided attention.

A Little Wellness Goes A Long Way In Taking Care Of Your Staff

Choosing to invest in employee wellness is a huge step towards implementing progressive benefits. While these benefits can appear obvious, corporate massage has lasting effects that help transform operations into well-oiled machines. Lower stress levels improve communication, productivity, and can even keep us in good health. Both supportive/administrative staff and practicing attorneys have much to gain from corporate massage – all you have to do is take the next step:

Build A Custom Corporate Massage Program For Your Law Firm

Law firms require a special tact when it comes to employee benefits. We’ve helped numerous legal professionals redefine their employee benefits in a way that prioritizes mental and physical health.

Could a custom massage program empower your unique office dynamic and culture? Let us know and get a custom quote!

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