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Simplify Benefits In Every Office With Multi-Location Corporate Massage

Multi-location corporate massage is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand job perks in the nation. Offering this benefit is just one of the many ways you can show gratitude for the hard work and dedication your employees show on a daily basis. Employers often find that upgrading benefit packages to include stress management programs like this can keep employees engaged and connected to coworkers, as well as their company roles.

Even so, a little legwork needs to happen before introducing in-office massage to your staff. Simplifying company-wide benefits starts with understanding why corporate wellness matters and the part it plays in sustaining business operations as a whole. From there, you can tactfully plan the best next step in offering this program to employees living in California, Texas, all the way to Canada!

Corporate Wellness In 2022

Ever wonder how people feel when it comes to the companies they work for? Just 24% believe their employers have empathy for them. In our experience, today’s workforce seeks to find a business that represents their core values, prioritizes mental health, and has systems in place to practice stress management. Instead of seeing people as means to an end, the 2022 take of corporate America is this: brands must show respect and genuinity in order to attract (and retain) the best talent out there.

Now, putting a program in place to show employees you care can become challenging when dealing with offices scattered throughout the country. We’ve seen the most success when businesses partner with a single corporate wellness provider that works with them to facilitate and implement fresh perks such as on-site massages. Our tried and true approach gives each client a custom plan to address their needs and achieve goals. You’ll have the one-on-one assistance you need to make this multi-location benefit a reality without the stress of logistics – that’s what we’re here for!

Choosing A Wellness Vendor: Less Is More

As a company leader, you definitely have more than 99 problems. Don’t let a wellness vendor be one. Choosing to partner with a single provider for multiple offices streamlines workload while minimizing costs. Some benefits of working with one corporate massage vendor include:

  1. Standardized, quality delivery of services at all sites.
  2. One dedicated Body Techniques point of contact who will handle all company needs.
  3. Customized order forms tailored directly to your departments’ needs.
  4. Online booking makes utilizing this benefit easy.
  5. Billing becomes easier. Offices can pay in once or separate invoices for each site.

How To Implement Multi-Location Office Massage Perks

While working with you to create a massage program, know you’re in good hands. Our process is simple by design, so you can focus on the more pressing items. We know details matter. That’s why we run through every piece of your plan (and check it twice) to make sure nothing is overlooked. This includes information about:

  • Addresses for each office
  • Parking
  • Day/time and duration of massage event
  • Check-in procedures
  • Safety measures (see ours here)

By mapping out particulars ahead of time, your investment and employees are set up for success. From there, we take that information and input it into an online booking system so your profile is always up to date. Before anything is set in stone, you’ll have the opportunity to review everything with your designated point of contact here at Body Techniques.
Once everything is signed off on, you’ll receive a direct link you can distribute amongst your various offices so employees can start booking their massages! We use a single booking link to make things easier for everyone.

Create Positive Workplace Culture Through Wellness

The relationship norms between employees and employers are shifting. People want more from their bosses than a “job”, but rather a career that supports overall growth. An easy way for businesses – especially those with multiple office locations – to show their staff they care is through workplace wellness. More so in the form of corporate massage. Employers tend to have the most success in offering company-wide benefits when they partner with a single vendor to streamline communication and implementation throughout all office locations. When you have a dedicated person handling the fine details and program logistics, you create space to enhance the culture in other ways.

Not sure if on-site massages are the right upgrade for your benefits? Schedule a demo with one of our wellness professionals today!

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