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5 Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

Human Resources personnel are tasked with walking a fine line between keeping employees safe and happy in a world returning to the office. Unlike ever before, employees are demanding better pay, benefits, and ultimately a work-life balance that puts their wellbeing first instead of at risk.

It may take some brainstorming, but providing your employees with the benefits they want can also increase their productivity. When people feel valued, they’re more likely to have more pride in what they do – no matter the line of work.

Not all work benefits are created equal, however, all benefits should be designed to help your team stress less. Corporate chair massage is quickly becoming one of the most preferred employee benefits in the United States. Why? Because stress management is easier to conquer with corporate chair massage. Not to mention it helps boost employee morale, which can be hard to come by in a post-pandemic work setting.

In this article, we break down five key benefits of introducing corporate chair massage to your employees.

What Is Corporate Chair Massage?

Corporate chair massage entails professional massage therapists coming to your office to provide a soothing massage for your employees. The main idea is that by bringing massage into your workplace, employees not only have something to look forward to, but ultimately feel rejuvenated after and have a revived mindset as they jump back into the daily grind. Incorporating this benefit into your corporate setting shows you want employees to know you value their hard work and contributions to the team.

5 Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

As one of many stress management programs out there, onsite corporate massage benefits your business in more ways than one might think.

 #1: Stress Management

You know that anxious feeling that sets in on Sunday evenings? Also known as the Sunday Scaries, a large portion of the U.S. population becomes increasingly stressed about heading to work on Sundays. Work-induced stress doesn’t just happen on the weekend though, in fact, 80% of workers report feeling stress on the job. Credible employers should want to make the workplace welcoming for their employees. Amping up your benefits with stress management programs like corporate chair massage can empower staff to feel better about themselves and the work they’re doing. It also shows you care – and who doesn’t want to work for an employer that wants their employees to succeed?

#2: Improves Posture & Muscle Tension

Desk jobs are great in many ways, but not so great for our posture. People tend to slouch at their desks which can result in muscle pain and tension. Having access to onsite chair massages can help ease back and shoulder pain. Not to mention, we all know someone (unless it’s us) that suffers from chronic headaches, which routine massage therapy can alleviate!

#3: Increases Productivity

It’s not rocket science, but definitely a benefit of onsite chair massage: relaxed people are more productive. Being strung out on eight cups of coffee can make us feel like we’re getting a ton of work done, but the quality of that work may be inferior when compared to someone who is relaxed and ready to put their mind and body to work.

#4: Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

When a job isn’t going so well, employees tend to keep their options open. With corporate chair massage programs, your team will take a new liking to their jobs. HR managers spend hours training new hires time and time again when turnover rates are high. Having benefits available that honor your employees’ well-being lowers their desire to find a new job.

#5: Boosts Immune Systems

Did you know that massage therapy boosts our immune systems? In today’s world, nothing is more attractive to an employee than a healthy work environment. Onsite corporate massages are a great way for employees to incorporate routine detoxing into their daily lives. Effective stress management programs keep us healthier. Simple as that.

Is Corporate Chair Massage Right For My Business?

As you assess your current benefits package keep in mind employees want benefits that keep them healthy, safe, and happy. Corporate chair massage benefits not just your workforce, but your company as a whole. Body Techniques builds custom chair massage programs to meet the unique needs and goals you have for your workplace. It’s convenient, effective, and shows your employees you want them here – as the best version of themselves.

Build Your Benefits Package With A Corporate Chair Massage Program

Choosing the right stress management program can be tricky. Talk to a chair massage representative today and see just how easy it is to create the work environment everyone wants to be a part of.


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