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Corporate Wellness & Safety: Top Questions To Ask Your Workplace Wellness Vendor

Hiring a workplace wellness vendor not only promotes morale around the office, but shows your employees you care about their wellbeing. As you narrow down the right stress management program for your workplace, keeping safety top of mind should be a priority across the board. Knowing what questions to ask and policies to look for can make all the difference when choosing where to invest your wellness dollars.

No matter what style of corporate wellness you’re looking to introduce to your office, the vendor you choose should practice the latest CDC guidelines and evolve their safety protocols to meet new demands of the modern workplace.

In this article, our very own M.D. compiles a list of the must-ask questions to review with potential vendors that prioritize safety above all else. But first, it’s important to understand why now – more than ever – safety and wellness are one in the same.

How Safety & Corporate Wellness Go Hand-In-Hand

Every business in every industry needs safety and sanitation protocols. At Body Techniques, we understand the value of creating stress-free work environments. This starts way before we arrive onsite at your business. In fact, we developed an entire Clean Wellness Policy to preserve the integrity of our corporate wellness services. This keeps everyone – our staff and yours – safe, healthy, and comfortable.

In other words, safe and clean work environments help employees relax. Make sure you’re preserving the integrity of your new corporate wellness program by following up with these important questions to ask.

Top Safety Questions You Should Be Asking Your Workplace Wellness Vendor

A common mistake people make when looking into corporate wellness programs is only focusing on the price. While the overall cost is one important factor, don’t be afraid to start a conversation about safety protocols too. Starting a conversation about the long and short-term cleanliness policies can go a long way in maintaining your business operations and ensuring your staff remains safe.

Do you require your corporate wellness providers to undergo health screenings?

It is important to make sure you’re asking (if not requiring) your corporate wellness professional to undergo a health screening prior to coming to your office. Body Technique’s Clean Wellness Policy requires every employee to undergo daily health screenings within 24 hours of an onsite shift. We believe this should already be in place by whatever provider you choose, and we make sure to save you the stress of managing those details.

Will onsite service providers wear masks or face coverings?

Onsite services like corporate chair massage and acupuncture get up close and personal. This isall the more reason to have your corporate wellness provider mask up. Body Techniques requires onsite providers and therapists to wear a mask at all times while in your office to provide an extra layer of safety and protection.

What are your social distancing protocols?

When setting up, a wellness provider should already be trained to practice social distancing. Although services like massage do require close proximity,other precautions like wearing masks, washing hands, and proper sanitation can be implemented to keep employees safe and well. Our own social distancing policy calls for CDC-recommended social distancing of six feet apart unless actively massaging.

Corporate events or fairs also practice social distancing. At Body Techniques, we set the rooms to maximize space between the massage therapists so staff can enter and enjoy while still social distancing.

Are you going to sanitize work areas?

This is a must for any wellness serviceAsking about sanitation policies helps your employees know they’re walking into a safe and dedicated space. Our professionals factor in time windows to properly wipe down all surfaces, equipment, and anything else with commercial-grade sanitizing equipment.

I have additional safety measures in place, will you follow those too?

Because we operate nationwide, we work alongside you to navigate local and state guidelines. If your office has additional precautions you’d like your wellness program provider to take, let us know! This is the best way to practice open communication and set clear expectations in terms of how you’d like them to prepare.

Communicate Openly About Corporate Wellness & Safety

Finding new methods to keep employees stress-free shows you care about their wellbeing. When exploring different stress management or corporate wellness programs, make sure to prioritize health and safety protocols just as much as you look at pricing. The best providers out there are already expecting you to ask and if they’re the real deal, they’ll have a policy in place that keeps everyone safe and comfortable.

Body Techniques Is Here To Keep Your Team Well

Studies prove stress management programs work – but only if they’re carried out properly. Our team of dedicated experts are here to help you find the best solution for your workplace wellness needs. Learn more about how we put health and safety first and contact us today.

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