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Catch A Mental Break With Corporate Yoga

We could all use more “Om” in our lives – especially if you have a desk job. No matter if you’re a secretary, sales representative, customer service manager, or CEO doing yoga at work will almost instantly revive your spirit.

In our time working within the corporate yoga and meditation industry, we’ve found that dedicating even 10 minutes a day to a well-deserved mental break can boost employee morale, collaboration, and ultimately productivity. After all, a little mindfulness never has never anyone!

Read on to explore different ways you can incorporate yoga and meditation into your workplace and help your employees manage their stress naturally.

What Is Corporate Yoga?

Skipping the technical jargon – corporate yoga is a stress management program employers can offer their workforce so they live happier, healthier lives. We hire the most qualified yoga instructors in various areas of expertise like Vinyasa, Hatha, Vini, and more. The idea behind this is to provide corporate yoga in such a way that all of your employees are able to enjoy this practice because in all reality – it’s life-changing!

Wellness is for everybody, so we also offer online yoga classes so everyone – remote or in the office – can catch a well-deserved mental break.

Does Practicing Yoga In The Office Really Work?

No one can argue that practicing mindfulness through yoga and meditation benefits those who do it. Those who practice are in a better place mentally and physically. This trickles into every aspect of their lives including their professions. There’s a special chemistry that happens between a group of people who practice yoga consistently together. You begin to realize that you’re not so different from your fellow coworkers. In fact, you have a lot in common after all.

This not only helps your employees bond but makes it easier to bear the daily stress that comes with the job because you trust one another more than ever before.

Different Types Of Corporate Yoga

A common misconception about practicing yoga is that you have to be an expert doing handstands and balancing on fingers all the time.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If it were, then we wouldn’t call it a practice. Body Techniques provides several types of yoga classes that are easy to introduce into any workplace setting.

The best part? Classes are modified to meet your employees where they are in their own practice be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced!

Decompress Yoga

In our Decompress Yoga classes, employees experience a balanced blend of vigorous flowing asanas and intense, yet blissful stretches with a little restorative movement before letting it all go in savasana. Your employees float out of class revitalized and ready for the rest of the day.

Hatha Yoga

If you’re looking to feel the benefits of deep stretching, Hatha Yoga may be a good option for your needs. This technique encourages increased body awareness and therapeutic release of tension through long-held yoga poses and movement. By focusing on the breath through the poses, chanting, and meditation, employees open their lungs, hearts, and minds welcoming an energizing sense of calm.

Strengthening Yoga

Strengthening Yoga helps build a strong foundation and core. You could almost consider it our form of a yoga bootcamp! Nearly all of the postures focus on both strengthening and stretching major muscles and tend to take the brunt of a desk job. Sweat towels are encouraged – you’ll be glad you have one after class!

Understanding Yoga

We highly recommend the Understanding Yoga class for beginners, as it is the foundation of the other classes we offer. If employees are interested in going deeper into the roots of yoga this is also a great fit! In this class, we teach about correct alignments in the most fundamental Asanas (postures). Employees will also dive into the energetic body exploring the sensations of the breath and chakras.

Vini Yoga

Originating from the ViniYoga tradition, this form of yoga is sequenced to help employees learn how to transform the neuromuscular patterns in their bodies into a more relaxed state. Each pose is adaptable to any level of yogi.


One of our most popular corporate yoga classes is Vinyasa. Set to music and harmoniously uniting breath to movement, Vinyasa builds heat, strength, and flexibility. Poses range from beginner to advanced but modifications are always offered for all levels.

Yoga Flow

If you’re seeking a gentle but energizing meditative yoga practice we suggest Yoga Flow. The class features guided meditation and sound healing to awaken the mind and synchronize it with the body. This class is another client favorite!

What To Expect In Your Corporate Yoga Class

In order to provide the best experience for your employees, make sure you have everything prepared prior to the session. Two major factors to set your stress management program up for success are:

  • Subsidize the full cost of the program. There is stronger participation and thus benefits from these classes when companies offer the program at no cost to their team.
  • Make sure you have enough space. This applies to both in-office yoga classes and virtual classes for remote employees.

Find The Right Workplace Yoga Program For Your Business

With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right corporate yoga and meditation class for your business. Should you need help with program selection, or have questions in general about our stress management programs we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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