How To Promote Employee Wellness While Working From Home

How To Promote Employee Wellness While Working From Home

Working from home definitely has its perks. For many employees, WFH is the new way of life. And while this can be a benefit all on its own, top-level management should be thinking about how they plan to unify their workforce across a virtual front.

One way to make this happen is by promoting employee wellness. Even if your organization is a mix of in-office and remote workers, there’s still a ton to gain just by showing your team you care about their wellbeing via online stress management programs. Body Techniques has an entire catalog of fitness and wellness classes specifically designed for remote employees ranging anywhere from five minutes to an hour.

No matter what program you’re looking to introduce to your employees, know you have an array of options to make the best choice.

But are employee wellness programs really that effective? Our sources say yes.

Do Employee Wellness Programs Work If You’re Remote?

It’s only normal to question the effectiveness of virtual wellness programs. After all, the entire point of investing in a program like this is to see positive outcomes for both employees and your organization. We’ve helped thousands of employees find peace in the daily grind through virtual wellness. Our classes help people unlock stress management tools they didn’t know they had to begin with. As a result, they communicate more clearly, are happier at work, and ultimately work harder because they feel valued by their employer.

Types Of Online Fitness & Wellness Classes

Bringing together a remote workforce is a challenge, but choosing the right employee wellness program can help synchronize things. Our instructors are trained to make the most out of every minute with your team – be it a 15-minute meditation session or an hour of core. This article highlights client-favorite virtual wellness programs to help you find the best course of action.

Daily 15

The Daily 15 helps your employees get the most out of a 15-minute break. This session is quick but powerful in reducing stress. Remote employees can log in at the same time daily for the energy boost they need to power through. To keep things fresh, our instructors change it up daily. From guided meditation to self-care tips and micro workouts, there’s always something new to help your team reset.

BT Mindful

BT Mindful helps build stronger mindsets. This virtual wellness program can be a single session or ongoing series. Introducing meditation into your corporate setting means employees are more likely to be fully present and engaged when they start their workday. Having a meditation break during the day helps us disconnect from the world for a bit, so we can come back ready to achieve any task or project.

BT Engage

If you’re looking for online fitness classes, BT Engage is one of our most popular employee wellness programs. A few classes our clients love are:

        • Zumba
        • Cardio Kickboxing
        • Online Bootcamp

If cardio fitness is a little too fast-paced, you can slow it down with online yoga, stretching, or self-massage programs. There are numerous ways to promote employee wellness even with a remote workforce! It all comes down to finding the right program that meets the unique needs of your business.

Stress Management Programs Unite In-Office Staff & Remote Employees

No matter if someone is working from home or in an office, they’ll take pride in their job so long as they feel valued by their employer. Using stress management programs to enhance your overall healthcare benefits shows that you see your employees as real people. That you care about them and want them to live a healthy life. Body Techniques has virtual wellness and fitness classes of all styles and time durations to keep your team grounded, mindful, and connected to their role in your company.

Have questions about the next steps? Talk to us today to get started!

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