Let’s Talk Safety!

Coming back to the office will happen, but it won’t be as easy as flipping a switch. It will likely be a gradual process, and extra safety and security protocols will be mandated to decrease the chances of COVID-19 recurring. Our goal, at Body Techniques, is to provide the safest experience possible for you and your team as you return to work. Many of our wellness services, such as yoga and meditation, do not require physical contact. Although onsite massage requires physical contact, luckily, it is naturally isolated “one to one”, which lowers the chance of exposure. In addition, we have also implemented the following nine onsite massage safety measures to reduce risk for our clients and practitioners:

  • Following the CDC’s Sanitation Guidelines 
  • Using the highest quality approved disinfectants 
  • Implementing pre and post shift sanitation protocols 
  • Thoroughly training providers on new safety guidelines
  • Strictly enforcing sick policy for both provider and client  
  • Limiting face-up time during massage sessions. All sessions will be performed with clients face down to limit face to face exposure time with practitioners
  • Offering exclusively over the clothes massage with disposable face cradle cover, on vinyl chair or table 
  • Extending time between sessions to provide adequate time for disinfection of all surfaces: table, chair, desk, door knobs, light switch, phone, desk, computer, and all surfaces client and provider may touch 
  • Daily communication regarding any changes to guidelines and protocols 

We remain vigilant in staying informed on the latest research and recommended safety measures from trusted sources and authorities, and will promptly update both clients and practitioners of changes to guidelines as they emerge. 

We Will Guide You

Wellness programs are not one size fits all, and your organization will likely have its own layered “return to work” journey. We will use our two decades of experience creating wellness programs to guide you and your company in reducing the negative impact of social isolation on your employees. We will help you build your “return to work” plan by:

  • Assisting you in developing a customized virtual and onsite wellness program that will foster connectivity and community in the workplace
  • Collaborating with you to implement your company’s newest safety standards alongside our own to enhance safety 
  • Ensuring your safety protocols are followed by our providers with the utmost integrity 
  • Conducting surveys from your team to discover how to improve and scale your program 
  • Remaining flexible and ready to administer change when you are ready 

Give your employees continuity of wellness by providing a virtual program now, which can then transition into an onsite program alongside your team’s return to the office. With 24-years of experience behind us, we are ready to pivot to take on the future of workplace wellness in this new post-Covid landscape. It is never too early to begin planning – take action now.

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