Workplace Wellness – The Importance Of Planning Now

COVID-19 has greatly disrupted the everyday lives and routines of businesses and employees and this disruption has an impact on employee health and wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, and isolation are just a few examples of what your employees may be experiencing now and as they prepare to return to work. The long term effects of Covid-19 will not be understood for quite some time, yet it is evident and crucial that the need for wellness while “sheltering in place” as well as upon return to the workplace is paramount, and companies must adapt both in the short and long term. 


Building a sense of community and connection as your employees transition back to work will be vitally important for the team. Many people will be stressed and anxious from having worked in isolation as well as dealing with the ever changing environment surrounding COVID-19. Now is the time to plan ahead; use this time “sheltering in place” to create the best possible wellness program for your employees as you prepare for their return to work.


What can you do Now?


Create a virtual wellness program for your team. Currently employees are reporting feelings of isolation and disconnection due to social distancing and “shelter in place” guidelines. Creating a virtual wellness program as a stop gap measure until employees can return to work will provide a sense of community, connectivity and continuity while reducing the negative impact of social isolation. Your virtual wellness program can include services such as:

  • Invest in community through Yoga: Our livestream yoga classes are a great way for employees to stay connected while keeping active. The practice of group yoga creates a sense of community where your team can connect in a meaningful way.  
  • Keep bodies moving through fitness classes: Utilizing our virtual fitness classes will help your employees move and get a sweat on with just body weight movements. Many of us are not exercising the way we normally do, our classes can help motivate and inspire your team to keep moving and stay healthy.
  • Make mental health a priority through meditation: Through our Dial-In meditation service, employees can step away for 15 – minutes to practice mindfulness, and relaxation and return to work with a more focused state of mind. Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety which is prevalent as a result of COVID-19 circulating within our communities and workplaces. 

Planning For The Future

Now that you have a virtual wellness plan to support your employees while “sheltering in place”, it’s never too early to begin planning for your company’s return to work. Employees will be looking to you for continuity in your support of their health and wellness. Developing the right wellness program for your office will take time. Between service selection, contract review, and finalizing operations it can take one to two months from the start of a conversation to the launching of a program. 

With 24-years of experience behind us, we are ready to take on the future of workplace wellness in this new post-Covid landscape. Our expertise and commitment to the services we provide is what drives us to deliver wellness to employees across the nation. We are a resilient company and we’re ready to support your team’s wellness initiatives in the future. Take action now and schedule a consultation today. 

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