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The Positive Impacts Of Offering Corporate Yoga Classes

Keep employees motivated & healthy with the simple introduction of company-sponsored yoga classes.

Despite the deep history of yoga spanning over 5,000 years, it hasn’t been until recently that businesses are normalizing corporate yoga classes for employees. We’re glad to see this program finally have a seat at the table of workplace benefits – and that it is one of the many stress management plans brands like Apple, Google, and Adobe are seeing major ROI with.

But why yoga? How can a single program have such a positive impact on company culture? Let’s get into it.

People Want To Work For Companies That Care

The way we work has completely changed. People are struggling to disconnect from the burdens they carry on the job when packing up to go home for the day. This can cause resentment and  eventually lead to the loss of otherwise great employees. 

In order to avoid worst case scenarios (like The Great Resignation), employers are tasked with finding solutions that contribute to both the mental and physical wellbeing of their staff. What most fail to recognize is that people need  to feel valued by the companies they work for. When HR managers and decision makers come to this realization, they take a giant step in the right direction towards creating a culture that attracts – and retains – the best talent in their respective industries.

Why Yoga At Work… Works!

No matter if it’s a few desk yoga poses or corporate fitness programs featuring in-office yoga, there’s a reason more and more brands are implementing yoga classes into their company-sponsored benefits.

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Hybrid or Remote Working Employees Feel Included

Feeling connected to the businesses we work for is a core factor when it comes to job performance. Ensuring in-office, hybrid, and fully remote employees are included in company culture will have lasting effects on team chemistry. The secret to creating a full proof wellness program is to have options people can access no matter where they are. Partnering with a company that specializes in both in-person and online yoga classes for employees is what you want to look for here.

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Lower Stress-Related Healthcare Costs

We’ve most likely all experienced the fallout that comes with unhealthy stress levels at work. Offering employees an outlet where they can forget the outside world for an hour or so will help them mentally reset – which reduces the chances of detrimental burnout. Creating an opportunity for people to develop tools to help regulate stress levels through meditation and breathwork does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit.  So much, in fact, that 54% of people who practiced yogic breathing exercises reduced their blood pressure by at least five points!

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Improved Morale & Customer Service

Your employees will greatly appreciate the effort you’re making by offering corporate yoga classes. We all know how this works: when people feel valued by their employers they work harder and take their responsibilities to heart. This transpires into the way they not only interact with coworkers, but with customers too. Dealing with difficult conversations or people becomes a little less draining because they know they’ll be supported by you – their employer – in the end!

Office Yoga: The Wellness Benefit That Keeps On Giving

There’s no denying the physical and mental benefits that come from practicing yoga routinely. The positive impacts of offering corporate classes not only keep employees around the world connected, but also play a part in reducing stress-related healthcare costs such as high blood pressure and mental burnout. Offering wellness programs like this shows your team you truly care about their wellbeing. As a result, company morale skyrockets. You may even notice this in the way customer service is carried out. Happy people want to help others – be it their team, supervisors, or the customers they work with. 

How will you show your employees you value their time and effort? Building a wellness program such as this is always more successful when partnering with an experienced workplace wellness provider. Get additional insight and start building your own custom corporate yoga program with the help of Body Techniques today!

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