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Is In-Office Massage Therapy Right For Your Law Firm?

Attorneys are known for their willingness to go above & beyond, but this comes at a cost massage therapy can help otherwise avoid.

In-office massage therapy continues to hold ground as one of the most effective stress management programs law firms can benefit from. With studies showing corporate chair massages reduce stress levels by 85%, it’s a wonder why it hasn’t become a staple for legal professionals nationwide. 

What most firms don’t realize is that massage therapy can help lawyers and their supporting staff release stress built up in the body and reconnect to their roles. Being present in the trenches means cases are fought – and won – with higher clarity and passion that would otherwise be lost to stress-induced burnout. 

So ask yourself this: if the opportunity presents itself, would you choose in-office massage therapy for your law firm? Read on to learn who benefits – short and long term – and how to introduce corporate wellness to your legal team altogether.  

Who Benefits From In-Office Massage Therapy?

The most obvious perk of this program is stress relief. Have you ever taken a moment to assess the way your firm handles daunting workloads day in and day out? Attorneys are notorious for their autonomous nature and doing whatever it takes to get the job done, but this comes at a price. 

The negative effects of feeling overwhelmed takes a nasty toll on our health and can manifest in the form of body aches, illnesses, and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This is where in-office massage therapy can benefit law firms. Instead of everyone hitting a breaking point, you can host an employee wellness event that results in improved job work performance all thanks to the relief licensed massage therapists can provide in both the body and mind. 

A Win-Win For Firm Founders, Attorneys & Supporting Staff

As you explore your corporate wellness options, consider in-office massage therapy. Body Techniques has watched law firms specializing in all areas fast track success by simply prioritizing the health of the people who keep the office running at top speed. 

Keep Your Massage Program Custom

No two stress management programs are the same. Each law firm has certain goals that in-office massage therapy can help attain. The idea is to keep things simple and work with a corporate wellness provider that has experience working within the legal profession. Our approach lets you customize your massage program. We help you identify the right therapy to help combat sitting at a desk all day and stay ahead of zoom fatigue. Our therapists are trained to provide the highest degree of services:

  • Acupressure
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Prenatal and postnatal massage
  • Trigger point
  • Athletic and sports massage

Designing your custom program isn’t something you’ll have to do alone. Your contact here at Body Techniques doubles as your personal corporate wellness consultant. We walk you through how to organize the ultimate massage event to maximize participation and return on investment. 

Maintain Daily Operations Without Disruption

An obvious concern we hear from our clients is maintaining daily operations without disruption. You can start planning ahead for your upcoming massage event by designating a community space (think break room, conference room, etc.) where the massage therapist can set up and tear down without causing a big scene and breaking concentration. 

Help The Firm Run Efficiently & Effectively

By now, you know that generally speaking in-office massage therapy is a huge asset for mental health and overall wellbeing. 

But how, exactly? 

The Great Resignation gave America a wake up call when it comes to how companies treat their employees both on and off the clock. Professional in-office massages can help your firm hum perfectly. Employees utilizing company-sponsored programs have an improved sense of contentment, emotional regulation, health, and job satisfaction

Simplify Stress Management For Your Lawyers

Upholding justice comes with its own set of challenges that can result in employee burnout. In-office massage therapy gives law firms a unique opportunity to provide stress relief where it’s needed most. Being proactive and implementing a wellness program such as this helps everyone get a handle on stress-induced mental and physical ailments. This empowers stronger performance in the office or in a court of law. Choosing a provider that is familiar with the ebb and flow of a law firm will only set your massage event up for success. Talk to a local Body Techniques team member today and get the personalized program your team needs. 

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