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Virtual Wellness Activities For Employees

If you haven’t considered expanding your benefits package to promote a healthy work-life balance this is your sign.

Why? Employees often struggle with feeling connected to their company culture and day-to-day business operations – especially remote workers. We don’t suggest dragging your feet on this one. If your place of work stalls on improving employee benefits, the fallout could be detrimental to your long-term success.

Enhancing your company benefits to include things like virtual wellness programs not only boosts employee morale and participation but gives your employees the well-deserved mental break they need! Read on for corporate wellness activities that unite your entire workforce including anyone WFH.

How Virtual Wellness Keeps Remote Employees Connected

Virtual wellness programs are ideal for corporations or organizations that have remote and hybrid employees. Not only can they help with stress management, but these kinds of activities help promote team bonding which is essential for successful project completion, communication between departments, and independent working capabilities. When your employees are connected to their work and the people they work with, the possibilities are endless.

Bring Your Team Together WIth Corporate Virtual Wellness

Mapping out a fresh benefits package brings up a lot of questions like, “What are the best virtual wellness programs?” or, “How long should each virtual session last?” Luckily, our trainers specialize in corporate wellness to ensure this investment exceeds expectations and can walk you through the process. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite virtual wellness programs that work best for remote employees:

The Daily 15: Make The Most Out Of A 15-Minute Break

Sometimes a quick 15-minute break is all you need to reset. The Daily 15 is our quick, yet impactful virtual wellness program that boosts energy and lowers stress for remote workers. The Daily 15 has a new activity every day from self-care to fitness and even yoga! Employees also have the opportunity to see classes ahead of time so they can pick and choose what activity works best for their bodies and goals.

BT Mindful: Build Stronger Minds & Team Chemistry

Empower employees to sharpen their mind-body connection while simultaneously strengthening team chemistry with BT Mindful. This virtual wellness program can be a single workshop or is also available in four, eight, and twelve-week series. The longer your BT Mindful series, the deeper we dive into meditation, work on building healthy daily routines, and learn how to manage stress levels on and off the clock.

Tip: Not sure what virtual series employees would like? Send out a survey asking them to submit their preferences and implement feedback directly from the source!

BT Engage: Online Group Classes For Everyone

Should you want a traditional corporate virtual wellness program, BT Engage is for you. These online group classes hit four essential core areas of stress management:

  • Fitness: Zumba, cardio kickboxing, or online bootcamp
  • Yoga: All experience levels welcome
  • Stretching: Twist and tone muscles to improve posture and pain relief that’s all to common with WFH life
  • Self Massage: Get professional guidance from our trained massage therapists on self massage techniques

Virtual Wellness Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

Just like no two businesses operate the same, no two employees have the same WFH routine. Add some consistency into the mix with corporate virtual wellness activities to keep remote workers grounded to their jobs and connected with their team. Even as little as 15-minutes can strengthen our stress management skills to become the best version of ourselves. If you’re not sure what virtual program would be best for your workforce, just ask! Odds are your employees will be thankful you’re taking their opinion into account as you improve employee wellness benefits.

Start Building Your Benefits Today

Looking to build on your benefits package? Body Techniques helps hundreds of businesses make the most out of their wellness dollars and get a major return on the investment. Reach out to us today to tell us more about your current setup and goals you’d like to achieve moving forward. We can’t wait to meet you!

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