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The Core of Body Techniques: Our Providers

Body Techniques has been a resilient company from its inception. We have weathered the ups and downs of the economy, rapid growth, expansion, changes to the wellness landscape, massage therapy profession, and most recently, a global pandemic. With each new challenge, our company has been able to successfully adapt and persevere so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality of customizable wellness programs to our clients. How are we able to do this? The answer lies with the core of our company: our large, diverse, talented, and resilient family of massage therapists and wellness providers.

Our Secret Ingredient

As the bridge between Body Techniques and our clients, our family of providers vitalize our vision. Our collective of skilled professionals serve our clients with unmatched integrity and expertise. They have always been a tenacious group of talented individuals, but in the last few months, we have witnessed extraordinary examples of resilience from them. Even though our providers have not been immune to the struggles and hardships of the current times, they still maintain a positive outlook and optimistic attitude; and they have stepped up to support each other in powerful and inspiring ways. 

Some of the strongest ways to build and sustain resilience are to have a solid support system, the ability to adapt to change with a positive outlook, and to use that change for self-improvement. We see the importance of this daily while talking with our providers who continue to show up and share their shine during even the most difficult of times.

Building a Strong Support System

Our providers took the initiative to deepen their support system on an even grander scale than existed pre-pandemic. We were blown away and inspired by what we witnessed. When hands-on massage was put on pause in April, a team of providers stepped up and began offering free self-care classes for one another over Zoom. Classes include Yoga, Vital Chi, and Guided Meditation, and are still ongoing, with new classes scheduled to launch this month. Providers offered these out of the kindest of their hearts, to remain sharp in their craft, and take care of one another. These classes have fostered a deeper sense of community than ever before and, while doing this, showcased the wealth of knowledge and compassion shared by our team.

Adapting to Change

When Body Techniques realized that shelter-in-place was not a short lived phenomenon, we quickly pivoted to offer virtual wellness services to meet the new needs of our clients. Our family of providers was quick to pivot along with us. We were overwhelmed by the number of massage therapists and fitness instructors who were ready and willing to transition from hands-on services to virtual care. Reina Frankfort, a BT MT, says “I feel incredibly blessed to grow in new ways as a massage therapist with a supportive team of like-minded professionals. I love the pilot energy of a new creative work in progress that we are all figuring out as we go, it’s truly inspiring.”

A Commitment to Self-Improvement

We have been so impressed by our team of providers using this time of stress and uncertainty for positive change: self-improvement, self-care, and personal and professional growth. As Hillary Wollman, a massage therapist for BT in Seattle, states, “It’s like a reset, using this as an opportunity.” So many of them are utilizing this down time to cultivate new skills, as well as be of service to their communities, becoming stronger and more resilient in the process. In talking with our providers, we’ve learned they are currently:

Going back to school to continue education
Obtaining other health-related provider certifications, such as: 
                    Integrative Medicine
                    Guided Meditation
                    Movement Therapy
Volunteering to deliver food and groceries to the elderly community
Creating YouTube channels as a platform for COVID coping conversations
Sewing and donating masks (actual photos below!)

At Body Techniques, we live by the philosophy that there is no line between the administrative team and our pool of accomplished providers. We continue to be inspired by the massage therapists, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, acupuncturists, and meditation teachers that have dedicated themselves to sharing wellness with others and strive to do the same in our daily work. Our providers remind us daily that during trying times it is the support from others that gives us the strength to adapt and grow and continue to build a better tomorrow. After all, we are all in this together, and stronger united.

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