Wellness Dollars – Use It or Lose It!

What are wellness dollars?

Simply put, they are funds that certain insurance providers offer their clients to invest in their companies wellness programs. These dollars help improve the scope of companies’ wellness programs and help the employees be healthier. Healthier employees mean less insurance companies have to pay out for your company’s policy which is a win for them and a win for your employees!

Not all insurance providers offer wellness dollars, but many of them do! They may go by a different name such as wellness reimbursement, wellness credits, fit rewards, or fitness reimbursement. Your first task should be to contact your insurance provider contact and ask about wellness dollars! If you do in fact have some available, find out what types of wellness programs can be covered. This can range from massage programs, to fitness classes, or mindfulness seminars.

I have wellness dollars, what do I do next?

Now that you have wellness dollars, it is time to partner with a reputable wellness provider to help create a robust and cohesive wellness program. Body Techniques has been helping corporate America create wellness programs for over two decades and would love to help you too! We have services ranging from onsite massage, to virtual yoga and acupuncture, we can create a wellness program that your employees will come to love and cherish. We are the experts in terms of corporate wellness and our customized programs will deliver exactly what you and your employees need.

Pre-Pay for Onsite Services

If you want to spend your wellness dollars on virtual services, we are here now and ready to provide yoga, fitness, mindfulness and self massage classes. If you are looking toward the future for when your employees can be back onsite again, we are offering the option for you to create a prepaid wellness program that can be launched when returning to work is safe for everyone. This can include onsite massage hours, wellness classes, acupuncture, and mindfulness sessions and more!

Now is a perfect time to find out if you have wellness dollars available to you. Wellness dollars do expire, so don’t leave money sitting on the table! Invest in your employees health, it is so important, particularly in times like these!


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